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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Reclaim the Night - Ipswich

I reaction to the murder of 5 women in Ipswich, and the subsequent warning from poliece for women to 'stay indoors' or be putting your life in danger a Reclaim the Night march has been organised (I found this out via Laura and the F word).

The march is taking place on December 29th stating 7 pm at Ipswich town hall.

Two thoughts:
1) Great, it's so good to show solidarity with the women of Ipswich, and to rise up in protest against the ridiculous insitence women of Ipswich should remain indoors after dark for their safety (confine the men to their homes - lieklyhood is it's a man who's commting the crimes!)
2) Opposing thought - is it a good idea to put more pressure on an overstrectched poliece force by requiring them to police the march? I know its a peaceful event, but they're still going to try and police it regardless.


witchy-woo said...

The police can draft in bodies from surrounding forces when they know something's planned.

The dead women had no knowledge of her killer's plans.

The police are there to uphold the law.

The dead women weren't doing anything unlawful.

The police force is a part of the Establishment.

The Establishment is patriarchal in it's construction and it's ideology. We are women (and some men) who challenge the notion that 'only men matter'.

It'll only be a couple of hours out of their 'investigation'; it'll only be beat bobbies, not CID.

We have to do this.

Melanie said...

Kudos to all gals and guys taking part in this. I am impressed at how quickly your police force is responding to this series of murders.

Here in the country that touts "family values" and "Christian morality" it took 25 years to catch a serial killer that preyed on women who were prostitutes and drug addicts. When they finally caught him, 3 years ago, it was estimated that he murdered somewhere in the neighborhood of 84 women. The sick sad thing is that the police chief who was supposed to be in charge of the investigation, and did a terrible job, was elected to the Senate! WTF!!!

Go marching ladies of Ipswich! Let the authorities know that no matter who the woman is or what she does, she is still a citizen of your country and that her life has value.