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Thursday, December 14, 2006


The hunt is always one -more music more of the time.
So today I finally downloaded some Nerd Core(free). For those of you who haven't come across Nerd Core yet, it's g33k hip hop (yeh, I had to use l33t for that).

I ain't much of a geek, I'm too easily distracted to know about computers etc, but the concept behind Nerd Core got my attention. Think '77 punk - Nerd Core is D.I.Y. music, but rather than guitars/drums etc this is made in people's homes on their computers. (How very Kathleen Hannah/Le Tigre - I am desperate for a mixer for my machine, one day I will be rich enough to afford one)

Nerd Core rappers write about computers/code/star wars/other nerdy stuff, and cos it's hip hop it's also about girls - but there's more hip hop beats and lefty politcs and less mysogyny than main stream hip hop, so if you like to shake your ass to the beat, maybe the feminist in your brain will feel a bit more comforatble shaking it to a song about geeky stuff rather than how hot a naked 'bitch' is and how many caps some guy's gonna pop in your ass.

The next quest is to fnd a truly feminist hip hop artist. Tarrie B's first cd was a hip hop record called Power of a Woman, or something like that. Need to find it.

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