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Monday, January 07, 2008

Heels aren't good for the feet

The sky is blue, Tuesday follows Monday, the chemical symbol for water is H2O.

These are all things we know.

Except I didn't know exactly what high heels did to feet that made them bad for you - apart from making you unbalanced and in crappy ones, in general pain.

This kind of quashes any ideas I might have had about getting some heels. I have been kind of digging the idea of being super tall recently (I'm 5'10'' in flats, but it's not quite tall enough to touch the sky).


aulelia said...

5'10'' in flats? you are lucky! i am heels addict. love them to death...i don't even know why but i adore them. brainwashed by fashion? maybe..

Anonymous said...

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