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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A little tear

Hilary Clinton apparently attributes her most recent upturn in the polls to... crying.

I'm sorry, did you say crying, in an electoral race, against all male opponents?
How on earth can this have given her an advantage? Being British, I know full well that crying is a sign of weakness (stiff upper lip and all that - really crying is totally OK, you' know when not in a race to lead a country and actually campaigning. in fact I am somewhat of a crier, I cried 4 times while watching crappy/wonderful Disney-type movie Snow Dogs the other week*).

Surely the American populous is not looking to elect someone tearful under stress? Who cries (in public!) when she thinks she isn't going to get her own way?

Oh the double standards! Imagine if Barack Obama cried because he didn't think he was going to win. He certainly wouldn't be reminding us about it and pointing it out as a turning point for his campaign.

* There was a border collie, and a whole team of huskies. The border collie wasn't allowed to pull the dog sled, despite bringing a harness out for herself to use (aw!). Then, in an unexpected twist, she was promoted from lap dog to lead dog of the sled! For a life saving expedition into a dangerous storm! *Cue tears* This is was Christmas is all about.

I even cry at frickin RSPCA and Dogs Trust adverts.