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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Things are hotting up in the kitchen

I've been trying to write a veggie cookery zine for at least 6 months. I take a long time to finish zines - that Subtext ever comes out even near to the planned publishing time is close to a miracle!

Anyway, someone on my college course (learning to make clothes) mentioned she was planning to 'go veggie' and I said I would finish off my zine so she can have a copy since it's got recipes in it.
Well, today I spent most of my (work) day doing just that. And Lazy Veggies: good food for lazy cooks is born!

If you'd like a copy email me travellingpunk at gmail dot com and I'll send you the pdf - cos I'm a gadget wizard who does zines on the twinkly beeping machine.

* For info, I am also working on anarcho-politico zine 'this land' and random nonsense zine'. For about a year.