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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guys don't make passes as girls who wear glasses

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A statement that's regularly proved untrue. My uber sexy friend C is always having guys make passes at her and she rocks some specs.

I've recently splashed out and bought myself a couple of new pairs of spectaculars (one retro tortoise shell type and one red with polka dots on the inside), having decided a few months ago to actually wear my glasses all the time, as the optician recommended.

Surfing flickr for hot chicas with glasses today (as you do to pass the time at work) I found this group for photos of Blythe wearing glasses.

I love the crazy souls who spend ages styling and setting up these shots. My fave after a bit of rooting around has got to be the group icon though, Blythe putting her specs on.

But Blythe's a bit creepy though isn't she?