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Friday, June 13, 2008

Money saving expert

me, in my Lincoln backgarden in summer 2003, taken with an ActionSampler by Gem
I just tried to buy some new kit off Lomography online; a 35mm adapter for my Holga (which I never use because I don't know anywhere that devlops medium format, and yes I know you can DIY a 35mm Holga but my 'make' failed miserably) and an ActionSampler that takes 4 shots one after the other all on one frame (see above). After two unsuccessful attempts at paying I decided to check my bank account.
Turns out my bank won't let me pay online now unless I have a little doodad that does something like read your card and generate a random number for you to enter. Bad luck then that I don't have a card reader. Seems mine must have been lost in the post.

Unless I carry the doodad around with me all the time this is going to serverly restrict my impluse purchasing of stuff online. To save me from myself this is probably only going to be a good thing.