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Monday, June 30, 2008

Vegetarian and Vegan products

This is kind of a difficult post to write without seemingly to plug something - but I find it really useful when someone recommends a good veggie/vegan cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products company that I thought I might list a few that I use. A lot of the ones listed below are also organic GM free.

If you can't buy direct you can get most of the products (in the UK) from Honesty Cosmetics (who are super) or the Vegan Store (who are also great).


Barry M - fantastic colours, (some) vegan products, inexpensive. My favourite. Available online from their website (quick delivery reasonable postage costs) and in some shops.
Beauty without cruelty - nice liquid concealer, their translucent pressed powder is a bit pink though (I'm really fair). Not much colour choice - one for the neutral classics.
Lush - a bit more expensive, but nice packaging! Available online - the makeup's not usually available in store.


Shampoo & Conditioner - I have curly hair and LOVE Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose. Super moisturising and smells lush. My local health food shop has just decided to stop stocking the conditioner though, so I'm using their GPB one instead, but this has milk in so it's no good for vegans.
Colour shampoo - Jason do colour enriching shampoo, I tried the red which worked well to bring out the red in my hair dye at the time, but didn't really bring out the red in my natural hair colour. The one is used is discontinued now, but they do some henna ones on their website. It wasn't as moisturising as the Aubrey Organics so I swapped back.

Soap - Co-op's own Oatmeal soap is great - I use it to wash my face. Shock horror! She uses the dreaded soap on her the face!

Shower gel - Jason do massive pump action bottles which are great and smell nice. I'm using Rose at the moment - which is from the health food shop again, but you should be able to get it online.
Serum - Daniel Field Smooth & Shine serum is really nice, non sticky and makes my hair feel soft.

Curl booster - Daniel Field again, their Curl Hold & Shine, pump action spray that I've just started using. Seems good so far, not sticky or heavy. And it doesn't dry out your hair like moose does.

Intensive Conditioner - Daniel Field, again! The Plant Re moisturising Treatment is good, but don't put too much on otherwise it's heavy. I use it on wet hair and leave it on.
Cleaning products

I like Bio-D and use their concentrate for just about everything from kitchen surfaces, to the guinea pig hutch, to the bathroom sink. I'm still using up my bottle of Ecover toilet cleaner, but I don't think I'll get it again since discovering they use rabbit blood in their product testing.

Eco balls for the laundry. We got a great deal on these from a shop in Manchester and they last for years before needing new balls. Clothes come out smelling nice, you can wash at 30, and they get stains out (we're mucky).

Supplements - some people say take 'em, some say don't. However current training for nutritionists is everyone should be taking multi vitamins, whether veggie, vegan or not since intensive farming methods rob our veg of its nutrients.

I take:
Omega 3 6 9 by Vertese
and I need to find some new vitamins - I think I'll try Deva.

Do you have any good recommendations?


Jess said...

Lush for everything.

Except house cleaning products, obviously, because they don't sell them :)

Nella said...

Urban Decay and Hard Candy are also worth a look. I can't remember the homepages offhand, but the blog linked to from my blogger profile has them in the sidebars.
For household cleaning products, I just use the Co-op's own brand stuff.

TP said...

Nella: Yeh, Urban Decay and hard Candy are good, I have a couple of bits from both - but they're quite expensive.

Co-op is also ace, and super for any kind of emergency or backup products.

Jess: I love the idea of Lush, and friends of mine swear by their products, but I find I can't concentrate when I go instore because of the overwhelming smell! I think that their minimal packaging plan is a good idea though, maybe my nose is oversensitive.

everybodysaysdont said...

Great post. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...