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Friday, November 11, 2005


Public toilets are horrible. They are much much worse when you have to put your hands on the seat and your face in the bowl.

They are especially terrible when you are being sick in them. And on the floor, and on your shoe. The sickness is made worse by having your head next to a tampon bin. The smell alone makes me wretch.

Why have I not gone home yet?


Andrea said...

Go home!

Joel said...

THe ones at the beaches around here make me ill. The scent of salt water mixed with urine and feces. I'd sooner dig a hole in the sand and retch for all to see.

Andrea said...

That's nice, Joel!

TP said...

I went home, in the end.

I think I had a fever, I was hallucinating smells. It's off putting when your water smells like tuna.

Andrea said...

Eww. If it's any consolation I was walking around like the living dead, shuddering.

Such fun.

Winter said...

Oh dear. I hope you're both feeling better now.