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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Women are in the news again, this time they are spending too much!

Apparently women are more in debt than men (although I am yet to find a link - I heard about this on the radio). Expert financialists and media types speculate why this is.

Could it be women are being coerced into buying more things, things they cannot afford because the magazines tell them to? Maybe. Could it be they take out store cards that have ridiculous interest rates because they are not given the full information about that card on which to base their decisions? Maybe it’s that too.

It might even be because when relationships break down women are more often than not left to care for the children. It might also involve the fact that if these women are left to care for the children they cannot work, can only work part time, if they work full time they have to pay extortionate amounts for childcare, or it could be that they can’t get the higher paid jobs because they have responsibilities outside of the office.

Our whole society is geared up for man-woman partnerships, whether you’re raising children or not. If this doesn’t exist, then the system falls down.


Andrea said...

Excellent post, it is far more likely to be any of those reason you have pointed out than the Manolo habit I bet the people on the radio were implying.

TP said...

That's it, the 'expert commentators' weighed in heavily with over indulgence and the stereotypcial inability to handle finances and 'mans things'.

They did mention, though, that the figures may be misleading as women tend to seek out help earlier in this type of situation than men.

Joel said...

I vote for the "woman are screwed, paid low salaries, and then left the burden of paying for the children" option.

Of course, the occasional bipolar might bump the average up a bit, but I've known plenty of men to blast away their whole fortunes on spending sprees. And, thanks to the fact that they weren't keeping up with their child support payments, they had more to squander....