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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fooling the fashion types

Success! My rather pathetic excuse for a disguise fooled another member of the public today. He obviously thought I was one of those trendy people who spends a fortune buying their clothes from fancy designer boutiques – so gave me a card promoting such a boutique. No, in fact, he chased me through the shopping centre to give me this card.

It must be the cool aloof (or is that blank and distant) look I get when I’m plotting the best possible way to make the most of my ever so sweet lunch break that sold my disguise.

On reflection, maybe I should not be so proud of my disguise. He may in fact have spotted me for what I am, someone with contempt for fashion and its minions. This gesture of good will and money saving may have been made in pity for my blackened soul; an attempt to draw me back into the 'overpriced for the amount of material it contains' fold.

A narrow escape was provided by pressing matters at the bank.


Laurelin said...

Great writing, TP. Some guy with a clipboard type thing came up to me today and said 'Can I ask you about your hair?' What's to know? It's long, it sprouts out of my scalp and it doesn't need any of your expensive glorified soap thankyou very much.

TP said...

Thank you *beams with big goofy grin*

Man how i sympathise with the hair questions. The amount of total strangers who used to come up to me and ask dumb questions about my hair!

Ok, so I kinda miss the attention, but I don't miss the weird men in car parks asking where I got my hair 'done' so the Romainian girl(!) who is staying with them (!) can go get hers done there too (!).

I (used to) say the kitchen in my uni halls isn't bookable, and the haridresser's now moved on.

Joel said...

Or maybe he wanted a date? :D

Last time that happened to me, I was at a bipolar convention. Woman across the table declares "You're the most handsome man I've seen in years." There's a click in my head. "Joel, where are you?"

I spent the rest of the day hiding from her.

TP said...

I would so hide.