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Friday, November 18, 2005

On being an obsessive geek with a spending habit.

I used to have this problem with ebay. I would check it every single day, searching for new things to buy. Sometimes I would search and search for hours, looking at different types of things, watching and bidding on items I neither needed nor really wanted. I passed two years at uni doing this. Staying up late on ebay. Not doing work because I was surfing ebay. Missing lectures or setting my alarm to wake me up at two in the morning to bid on something.

I was so cheap though. At least there was that. I used to like getting close off ebay, and still do, because you can get great bargains, and you can get ridicolous old vintage stuff like carpet bags (which I am currenlty lusting after). I would go into shops and say "£10 for a top! What a rip! I can get a whole outfit plus shoes for that on ebay."

When my paypal account maxed out I had to stop buying things. I could never be bothered with the faff of cheques. I did get some great things off ebay, but I also wasted a lot of money.

I think I've replaced this ebay obsession with blogging. I have to read blogs, I can't get on with my work until I've taken my daily walk around the net checking my favourite sites. Once I've got an idea about something I want to blog about can't get on with stuff until it's done.

Aw man - I've just realised it. I've turned into on of those internet geeks who hangs out in chat formus all the time. Except my chat formus are blogs.

I sometimes wonder if I should go cold turkey.


Joel said...

I've gotten better about the blogging. It's not the whole of my life like it used to be -- unless I am in crisis and just needing a distraction, I'm not checking my comments every hour to see if anyone has said anything.

And I'm not sure how that happened? Maybe it was just finding a world outside of my computer where I could talk to people face to face and making sure that I had that kind of time.

birdychirp said...

No - no cold turkey. You're providing a public service remember?

I'm also terrifyingly obsessive - and as such an open Ebay avoider - I don't think that its bad, I just think its compulsive...

Joel said...

I think the eBay business depends on the person. If you're squandering money for food and shelter there, have a friend block the site for you.