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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Action satisfaction

I would love to come up with a good post today, after all it’s International Women’s Day and Blog Against Sexism day. However I’m drawing a complete blank*

There are a fair few things I could be writing about – one is the double standards of a lot of feminist bloggers who think a woman should be granted permission to implant frozen embryos previously fertilised by her former partner and carry them to term against his will. Pro choice. It means he has the right to say no too. Yeah, sure, his ‘no’ may be taken a lot more seriously than hers, but undermining his right to say no is not going to strengthen any woman’s right to say no in the future.

Instead of this palarva, I am going to bring another plan into action. Subtext is going well my sweeties! So now that my domination of the publishing industry is well underway I am going to embark on the next phase of my plan for world domination, rock stardom.

I pledge to drag my keyboard out of the attic, dust off my bass guitar, upload my music software (when it arrives...) and become the next underground sensation. I will combine Chicks on Speed, Le Tigre, Kanye West (he is a total prick but he has good rhythms) and Subhumans whilst also channeling the limitless talents of Kathleen Hannah.

Yes, it's me against the male dominated music world. I'm fed up of waiting for him her and them to do it with me. Now is the time.

*just a little Grosse Point Blank reference for my fellow geeks.