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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hiding in the Highlands

I have a confession to make. I am, apparently, terrible with money.

This month I have been so good. I haven’t bought anything besides food, drink and the odd taxi fare. I thought that I was doing so well. I thought I might be able to afford to go away for the weekend before I start my new job, and that maybe I would be able to afford a new mp3 player too. I was going to go to Manchester at the start of April.

That is until I checked my bank balance. Two hundred pounds to my name. This is not good. It is two weeks until pay day.

Why? Where did all my money go? I HAVE BEEN GOOOOOOD! I don’t understand. I hyperventilated a bit when I found out. But not too dramatically because I was at work and people would’ve looked at me strangely.

You’re not meant to be constantly broke when you work full time.

So, due to the shock, I spent over £70 on impulse, catalogue shopping online. I am such a freakin moron.

I am taking a week in the Scottish Highlands to recover. Ta ta.


Andrea said...

I know that feeling. Have fun in Scotland, you jammy creature.

(By the way, some of your pics are freakily like some of mine. And I went to Criccieth last summer and saw DOLPHINS in the sea!)

TP said...

Ah, greater minds.

I've not seen dolphins of the Welsh coast, but I am so gonna try and get an otter picture.

broke said...

have fun tp - give my love to the rain! (boy scout memories.. gotta let it go...)

Andygrrl said...

If it's any consolation, I maxed out my credit card. I have a 5,000 dollar limit. Granted, this was after several months of traveling, but still. Drowning in Catholic Guilt.

Joel said...

You have been tagged for the Chimerical Meme: