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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm leaving. End of.

I didn’t really dislike my boss until now. Sure, he’s a terrible manager, he says stupid things, he can’t pronounce words with a silent letter, he takes way too many fag breaks, and he huffs and puffs in his office all day long.

He’s turned into a complete moron though, since I handed in my resignation. Just this morning he has said, among other digs:

"I’m just borrowing your appeals folder, of course it’s not going to be your appeals folder ANYMORE!"

"I’ve just emailed you with some stuff to do, I’m going to make sure you have WORK TO DO in your last week."

Capitalisation denotes devil like evil speech.

He also keeps pronouncing that he WONT LET ME LEAVE! (again in his devil voice)

This is the same man who told a colleague that he wouldn’t bother with her yearly appraisal because she was due to go on maternity leave. Eurgh!

Well, his snarky comments are enough to ensure I do no work at all (even less than I’ve been doing for the past month).

FUCK YOU incompetent imbecile boss. You better get used to doing it yourself, because no one else will do it for you.


Andrea said...

What as arsehole. You've definitely made the right decision.

Gem said...

God he sounds like an idiot :( I'm so glad you're getting out of there!

Chameleon said...

I can only wholeheartedly agree with Andrea and Gem!

Joel said...

Unfortunately, he will find someone else. But don't let that cause you to pivot in the door.

Laurelin said...

What an utter wanker!

I recently told my boss I'm leaving in September (to start a PhD), and he was pleased for me. Or very happy to get rid of me, maybe....

sappho said...

What a creep! So glad your outta there! Just try & keep that in mind whenever he shoots off some lame remark at you! He's just bitter because he knows your getting out, & his dumb ass is still stuck there!

miss dirt said...


peace and love

TP said...

Thanks for the support!

He's an odd man, who's panicking because he's going to have to find someone to replace me, and until that time he's going to have to do my job as well as his.