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Monday, March 20, 2006

One night in drag

Radio 1, why oh why do I continue to listen to you? I am a fool.

This morning I heard about a new feature they’re running, One night with Laura, designed to find the perfect date for Laura the assistant on the drive time show and central protagonist of Laura’s Diary.

The name of the feature parodies both One night in Paris (Paris Hilton’s now infamous home made porno) and the song One night in heaven (which they’ve modified to create a jingle for the feature).

Radio 1 are holding ‘auditions’ at 5 locations across the UK to find eligible men to compete to spend one night with Laura (actually, it’s not the whole night, just the evening).

They’re coming to Nottingham on March 29th.
I’m thinking of going, as a drag king.

D’ya think I’ll get through?

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