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Friday, March 03, 2006

Add your name to the petition against human trafficking during the 2006 World Cup

Prostitution is legal in Germany, the host country of the 2006 football World Cup.

Part of the preparations being made for the influx of thousands of men coming to the country to watch a match, the German authorities are setting up roadside booths (among other additional areas) in which prostitues can service potentially thousands of extra clients.

This presents a great 'business' opportunity for human traffickers, because there is likely to be much greater demand than the prostitues of Germany can fulfill.

80,000 people are trafficed across borders every year, 90% of which are women and girls. It is estimated thousands of these women and girls will be trafficed into Germany before and during the world cup to be sold into prostitution.

The Party of European Socialists are petitioning President Barroso, President of the European Commission, to take action to stop this crime. The petition will be presented on March 8th, International Womens Day.

Click here to add your name to the thousands of others that want to put a stop to this crime and abuse of women's rights.


damagecontrol said...

you should check out a film called lilya 4 eva

its a swedish film about a girl called lilya being abandoned by her mother and being forced into prostitution and finally shipped across the border to be sold into a bigger industry.

me jo and james watched it the other night. we nearly all died of broken hearts.

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