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Monday, December 12, 2005

Quiz geek

I'm a total quiz geek, yet somehow I have resisted filling my blog entirely with quiz results (instead I fill Joel's comments!)

Anyway, Winter directed me to this princess quiz, and I could not resist posting my result.

For I am (Xena) Warrior Princess!

The Warrior Princess
You are strong, courageous, and dynamic, a woman of action. You have an iron will and a sharp tongue. Indecisive, weak, or wishy-washy people test your patience. You tend to grow bored quickly and yearn for excitement.
Role Models: Brunhilde/The Valkyries, Xena
You are most likely to: Lead your people to victory against an army of orcs.
Take this quiz!


Winter said...

Xena started off as an evil princess didn't she? Perhaps there is hope for me yet.

TP said...

As an evil princess you've already got the the attitude and sense of style. It's only a matter of time before you and your dragon are dueling baddies while knocking back firewater.

Naiades said...

At least if you are evil you can also claim genius. the two words do just fit together don't they!!

Laurelin said...

wow, I'm a warrior princess too! score!

TP said...

I have looked at the illustration for too long and I'm left wondering what the princess kissing the sword could possibly symbolise...

sappho said...

I'm a Warrior too! Cool link huh?