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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Strange but true?

This article about Sheila Jeffreys from the Guardian is great.

I am amazed by facts quoted such as,

"a Home Office paper [claims] that BSE can be transmitted through beauty products because [they] many contain bits of dead animal"

"Breast implants can contain brain, fat, placenta and spleen"

It also describes Jeffreys as citing "one example of a porn actor who sold bits of her genitals to "fans" over the internet after a labiaplasty operation."


Laurelin said...

Sheila Jeffreys came to London in September, and I went to see her. She was absolutely fascinating, and she described the horrors that you list. If you haven't yet read it, it's well worth getting a copy of her 'Misogyny and Beauty' book, it really sticks it to the cosmetics and beauty industries as they deserve. (I'll lend you the book if you want- just email me) :)

Joel said...

Sound of one jaw dropping re: the porn star.

I think Sheila is an extremist, but ~we need extremists like her~, especially since things are leaning hard, very hard, in the other direction. Society is about compromises and negotiations. If someone like Sheila doesn't exist, we will get a different kind of extremism governing our lives.

Interesting article. Thank you for sharing it.

TP said...

Thanks for the offer Laurelin, but after reading the article I dashed straight over to Amazon and bought myself a copy (plus two other feminist text that totalled about £3, bargain!).

Now I'm all excited!

Andrea said...

I'm reading that very book at the moment!

Barnze said...

I shan't bother getting my tits done now!