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Monday, December 05, 2005

Sex tourism, kids under 6 go free!

Hippie sheds the light on the rather disturbing promotion of a slightly different type of sex tourism. Thomas Cook, 'reputable' tour operator, is offering tours, for the family, of Amsterdam's red light district. Kids under 6 go free.

Brits are encouraged to join the hordes of giggling girls, and Japanese photographers in a 'fun' tour where they can,

"...gawk at the surreal display of scantily clad women who pose in the purply-red glow of their black-lit shop windows. Not unlike a bizarre zoo..."
Yes, just like a zoo, full of animals and everything.
Hippie also provides a sample letter and contact details so you can tell Thomas Cook that they're a pile of irresponsible tossers. Done good.


Joel said...

I have to laugh at this, TP. Most of the kids who are under 6 probably wouldn't have a clue what they were watching in any case, don't you think?

Still, it is irresponsible, not only for its glorification of porn but also its animalization of human beings.

TP said...

Yeh, young kids probably don't understand what they're seeing, but still, I don't think it's appropriate to market a tour such as this as suitable for the whole family.

I am more aggravated by the terminology used to descibe the 'sights' on the tour, and the fact it's offered at all.

Andrea said...

I think they'll understand they're looking at women in shop windows in underwear.