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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Who writes this stuff?

Today I received an email that was circulated round the office. It was a ‘helpful warning’ for motorists to be careful when returning to their parked cars. Essentially ‘car jacking gangs’ are going round sticking bits of paper to people’s rear windscreens, so when the driver returns to their parked car, switches on the engine, and goes to reverse out of their space they see the paper and get out of the car to remove it. Leaving the car unlocked, keys in the ignition, bag on the seat. At this point the ‘car jacking gang’ jumps them and nicks off with their car.

Now, usually this would be little cause for frustration. However the email has to be suffixed with the following:

“Be thankful that you read this email, and forward it to friends and family especially to women!”

Especially to women!


Can people tell which cars are women’s cars? Do they look in the windows and go,
“ah yes, Dido cd, air freshener, woman’s car – No.1 target located.”

Why would women be especially at risk for this type of crime?

I fucking hate these stupid emails. They just perpetuate over and over that women should be scared of everything and that really they should not be out shopping/eating/meeting friends/working because they are so in danger! No passtime is safe. Women, understand, you should really be at home. Hoovering.

Oh yeah, and if you shrugged the ‘helpful warning’ off by thinking it’s just the big cities, think again. The final sentence finishes the email with a kick in the nads,


Remember women, you’re never safe.


Joel said...

Lord knows if it is even happening.

Not so long ago, there were emails warning of people using cell phones to snag credit card numbers while waiting in line. The idea was that the picture phones could capture a clear enough image from five to eight feet away to make the crime possible.

No way.

TCM said...

It's pretty easy to check out the veracity of these things - just cut and paste the first line into Google and see what comes up. This is the first result using the line you quoted:

Looks like it's another rumour. You've got to ask why people bother doing this, it's almost like there's a deliberate plan to make us all as distrustful of each other as possible...