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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Something else jumps into the mixing pot

Buzzing bundle of excited euphoria.
An writer/editor opening has come up.
In my charity.
I am totally capable of doing it.
I can blast that job description to pieces.
My name has already been mentioned among those who make the decisions.

But I am about ten years younger than their ideal candidate.

It's another application to add to the seven already ongoing. But it's added.

I get the feeling I am destined to split in two - the caring psych support first aider and aspiring and ambitious writer/editor. Just when I think I have reached a decision something else jumps into the mixing pot.


Chameleon said...

Go for it TP! Keeping my fingers crossed on the writer/editor front :)

sappho said...

Just discovered your blog & I love it! It's cool to hear from beautiful feminists abroad. Stop by The Sappho Manifesto anytime & say hello! Blog on sister!
p.s. Amazing picture of you & the sunset! ;)

TP said...

Thanks Cahmeleon, and thanks Sappho!

Laurelin said...

All fingers and toes crossed for you TP :) xxx

TP said...

Thank you!

Andrea said...

At least you have options! I'm pretty certain after the terrible lecturers I've been burdened with this year I'm going to get a 2.2 and I haven't a clue what to do when I graduate.
Good luck with the job stuff, though!

TP said...

Andrea you'll do great, and don't worry, hardly anyone has a clue what they're going to do when they graduate. I worked for 4 months at an insurance brokers for ralleigh cars! I don't know what I'm going to do over a year on, but I do sympathise with the anxiety on that front though.

I can't even remember how many times I nearly imploaded at uni... it was hard

Once you're finished you get your rose tinted lenses and it's all beer and sledging...